MAN WHO PAIP HIS WAY by Walt Sheldon


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A police blotter for the record of Robert Cator, returned from Korea, and ready to lick the system that exists in Pacific City, California. The youngest and newest on the Detective Dureau, he is soon caught in the crossfire of the office war, and his naive belief that he can play it straight is knocked over. But Cator is stubborn; he hauls in the boss man's bully boys and is hauled up for a quick offer from the city's behind the scenes' head; he is cased out of the force but when the new Captain of Detectives is killed as be attempts to catch payroll robbers on a tip off, his hunches are followed by the acting lieutenant. The thieves caught -- and killed -- Cator follows through, tears the ""high crime"" this cries the shame of cities stridently, melodramatically, and keeps its cop on the square with every tough and brutal trick. Punchy .

Pub Date: June 15th, 1955
Publisher: Lippincott