CLIMB A LOFTY LADDER by Walter and Marion Havighurst
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One of the best of The Land of the Free series, in a story of a Swedish lad in the Minnesota wheat country back in the '90's. Hans, at fifteen, had felt so sternly the pull of the new country that he suddenly decided to let his father go back to Sweden without him. Chance threw opportunity in his way when a stolen ride in a box our took him to a grain elevator, and the old man who operated it, knowing that Hans' youthful vigor might stand him in good stead, offered him a home and a job. How Hans learned all Andreas could teach him of the grain that grew in this new land, and how Hans came up against frustration and disappointment and failure before he made good, in told against the setting of a Swedish farming community finding their place in the ""land of the free"". If at times the vivid handling of background, the period flavor, the integration of the Swedish character with America seem more vital than the story pattern, there is enough of incident and character to weld it into a whole.

Pub Date: May 26th, 1952
Publisher: Winston