OFFMAN'S ROW by Walter arnahan


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offman's Row is a fictionalized incident from the life of Abe Lincoln when e was still a young lawyer back in Springfield. Rich, young, vain, innocent, carefree, attractive, vivacious, intelligent, well-educated Mary Todd of Lexington, Ky., has been visiting her sister in Springfield for several months now and her hottest uitor is new arrival Enlow West. West is also in pursuit of the position of reasurer in the local Whig party, Abe's party. But, with catlike intuition, Abe thinks that Enlow West is--he hates to admit it to himself--""mistrustful"". And now right Abe is! Into town comes Mr. Scott Doring of Louisville, carrying a erringer and with blood in his eye, looking for a cad named John W. Cottman who ilked Doring out of his life-earnings. Why does Enlow West (whose mouth drags slightly to one side) blanch when he sees Doring on the street and does he suddenly leave town? Then there is a Mrs. Westcott who, some years ago in Boston, was deserted by her husband after he stole all her property--she too is now in Springfield. When West meets Mrs. Westcott at a great reception, he bolts to his buggy. West?-- Westcott?--John W. Cottman?--Abe's intuition runs riot. What eventuates is that West challenges Abe to a duel. Abe accepts, naming broadswords, and West hops into is buggy for the last time, cad and coward, while Abe and Mary go riding in the moonlight. Enough said?

Pub Date: Aug. 5th, 1963
Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill