ROAD TO A RICHER LIFE by Walter B. Pitkin


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This is written out of the philosophy of seventy years of life richly savored. It is less concrete than some of his earlier books, directed more to the thinking rather than the doing of his audience. He claims there are three ways to enrich life:- master the world of molecules, master the nature of man, master one's own self. He urges expanding the use of the equipment with which you are endowed, know your own capacities and energies and conserve them within their bounds, expose yourself to experience, be sure of your likes and dislikes and why, acquire the perspective of the larger view and throughout keep your rules flexible and study the other fellow's problems as well as your own. No pleasure should be sought for its own sake alone. Avoid the diseases of boredom, ease, excessive rest. Let your reach exceed your grasp. Some will charge him with marshalling only the obvious, with being bromidic -- but he has a faculty for reaching the masses.

Pub Date: Oct. 20th, 1949
Publisher: Ziff-Davis