GRANDFATHER vs PERU by Walter Beebe Wilder
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Accentuating the very positive character of Grandfather (first met in Grandfather Objects) while he travels through Peru, concerned with his investment in a pregnant giraffe, with his peculiar, confusing, but never defeating deals with the unabashed scoundrel, Carlos Murphy. The author is forced to cope with Grandfather's gustatory excitements, with his bottomless curiosity about all phases of Peruvian life, animate and inanimate, with his unbridled enthusiasms and response to Peruvian language, ways, customs, while he is trying to pursue his own love affair with the tantalizing Dolores. From the boat trip down, to the high spot departure, this is no formal baedekering but bright bickering, hilarious enough to be almost too good to be true, and far fancier than the previous book.

Pub Date: June 8th, 1948
Publisher: Doubleday