CLOTH From Fiber to Fabric by Walter Buehr
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CLOTH From Fiber to Fabric

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The Buehr basic industry books quickly find their way on to the teachers' recommended lists. In addition to providing a very readable history of the subject, the author/illustrator also presents a clear chronology of the mechanical and scientific advances in textile manufacture. Although the textile industry can be described as very well covered in terms of the amount of juvenile material available, this book does offer a bit more than usual. The successive impacts of the industrial and the scientific revolutions are described in relation to their effect on the product and on the people who made their livings making cloth. Detailed, identified illustrations show the standard weaves of wool and cotton. The economics of cloth from the sources of the raw material and the chemical fibers to the final marketing are also part of a very complete introductory book.

Pub Date: March 24th, 1965
Publisher: Morrow