UNCLE BEN'S WHALE by Walter D. Edmonds


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Hold your nose as you dig into this one because it's all about a dead whale that's scooped out and used as a side show attraction by an old Hudson River boat codger. Uncle Ben's big venture starts when his brow beating, hefty wife, Aunt Em, has to go and take care of his sick mother. Free for the interim, Ben and his friend Henry head downriver for New York City and capture a whale in the bay. Cleaned (?) and tied to their little boat, the whale becomes a big enough attraction to get visitors for 50¢ a head and Henry and Ben take in a good sum before the whale gets so smelly they have to cut the price to 5¢ for two. But, worth more to Ben than the profit, is his new knowledge of how to be a man and make his own decisions- Aunt Em, or no. Some rather coarse drawings by William Gropper freshen the bouquet, but Walter Edmonds' record as a novelist (Rome Haul, Drums Along the Mohawk, etc.) will not dampen the sales.

Publisher: Dodd, Mead