V-2 by Walter Dornberger


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A deliberate, detailed account of the development- in Germany- of the liquid fuel rocket by the scientific engineer who was one of the instrumental figures in its accomplishment which, had it been reached six months ooner, might have deflected the invasion of Europe. From the establishment of the research institute at Peenemunde, to the selection of engineers, the initial designs and experiments, this leads on to the first liquid propellant rocket in 1934; the need for more money than was allotted to the project; the visit of Hitler- in 1939- and his indifference which gave them a low priority rating; the first guided missile which reached the limit of the atmosphere in 1942; Hitler's approval- and apology- in 1943 as V-2- the ""vengeance weapon"" was finally accredited; and in the last years of the war, the whole complex of snags, setbacks- and snafu; the air raids on Peenemunde and casualties; the political and military interference which impeded their work which was dogged throughout by two words, ""Too late"". A serious history which documents the background of rocket propulsion in technological detail- and presumes a certain scientific knowledge and interest on the part of the reader.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1954
Publisher: Viking