STALIN & CO. THE POLITBURO: The Man Who Run Russia by Walter Duranty

STALIN & CO. THE POLITBURO: The Man Who Run Russia

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Stalin and Molotov- these are the names everyone know; add Voroshilov, Vishinsky and Zhdanov- and you'll have the sum total equipment of names for even the minority of the well-informed. And yet ""the men who run Russia"" should be recognizable factors in our understanding of what the future holds. Duranty does yeoman's service in this book, not only in clarifying the roles played by the major figures in the Soviet Politburo, but in giving due credit for achievements, which is essential if we are to realize the hold the government rightfully has on its people. We see emerging from this book, a significant and constructive pattern of continuous events and accomplishments, socially, economically, industrially, agriculturally. We recognize the parts played by the group that make up the Politburo, and the relation of the Politburo to the Army, to Foreign Affairs, to World Communism. This is not an ""opinion"" book, but a singularly objective marshalling of the facts as Duranty (who knows what he is talking about) sees them. He feels that understanding these facts is vital to achieving a basis of mutual survival.

Pub Date: Feb. 21st, 1949
Publisher: Wm. Sloane