THE DIVINE DESTROYER: A Theology of Good and Evil by Walter E. Stuermann

THE DIVINE DESTROYER: A Theology of Good and Evil

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The problems that concern the author here are three: the problem of evil--which requires a better alternative than that offered by classic Christian theology; the problem of the relevance of theology to common life--a new theology of vocation; and the problem of the meaning of nobility in human personality. Classical theology is inadequate in each of these areas because of its ""infidelity"" to ""Chaos and Order"" inherent in nature. The author proposes a theology in which God is both chaos and order, and lives in a development process of self-redemption. The result is a finite God. The author acknowledges that his position is radically at odds with traditional theology, but he believes it has new possibilities of relevance to the experience of contemporary man. The book is substantially informed and often imaginative in treatment. For scholars and students.

Pub Date: Sept. 11th, 1967
Publisher: WeStminster