RELIGION AND CULTURE by Walter- Ed. Liebrecht
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To honor Paul Tillich on his 70th birthday, Prof. Walter Leibrecht, Director of the Evanston Institute of Ecumenical Studies, Evanston, Illinois, has edited a monumental volume. It is a collection of essays written by 25 of the best theologians of our time in tribute to a great master whom they delight to honor, and to whom they owe so much. Here the reader will find such names as Erich Fromm, Karl Jaspers, Reinhold Niebuhr, Karl Barth, George Florovsky, Gabriel Marcel, Rudolph Bultmann, Emil Brunner, John Bennett, Charles Malik, and others of like stature. Dr. Leibrecht begins the ""commemoration"" with a masterful analysis and exposition of the Life and Mind of Paul Tillich which is itself almost worth the not inconsiderable cost of the book. The essays are grouped under seven topics: Religion and the Dilemmas of Contemporary Existence; Religion and Creativity; Religion and Language; Myth, Symbol and Belief; Religion and the Realms of Reason; Philosophy and Science; Religion and the Vocation of the Church; Religion and the Encounter of East and West; and Religion and World Order. This is rich fare, and does indeed honor the man who has fertilized so much theological thinking in the world in his generation. Students, and all men who take their religion seriously will/spend many profitable hours with this book. Friends and former students of Paul Tillich will find a place for their own copy in their libraries.

Pub Date: Feb. 18th, 1959
Publisher: Harper