PIERROT and His Friends In the Circus by Walter Grieder

PIERROT and His Friends In the Circus

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Another triumph of color printing with an expendable text. Overture: the performers in the Circus Maximus. Enter Pierre, a little blond orphan, who is promptly adopted. With two carrots, he charms Hannibal, the big brown bear who refuses to dance. Enter a Rich Lady with the accoutrements of the Twenties who would like to acquire Hannibal for her teddy bear collection. Pierrot refuses and she understands--but where is her purse? Enter Barbus, trainer of Hannibal, in his undershirt and big black boots; he looks like a dangerous character so he must be the thief. Exit Rich Lady, exit Barbus. With the trainer in jail, Pierrot teaches Hannibal to dance, and their act is a great success. What of Barbus? no one gives him a thought until the monkey turns up with the Rich Lady's purse and he is exonerated. But Pierrot will henceforward be Hannibal's trainer. Huge, bright expressionistic circus scenes accompany this farrago--it might be useful in a picture collection.

Pub Date: Aug. 29th, 1967
Publisher: Delacorte