THE INVADERS by Walter Kempley


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This should do well for its sheer hook. Told with reportorial tonelessness, the story is ludicrous in bald outline but--. Eddie Palmer, a black deserter in Saigon, takes over a gang of hijacker-deserters and builds a tight little black black-market team that looks on murder as so much cherry pop. After one heist, an Army spy who has infiltrated their operation is deliberately flagged, and this makes Lt. Gerald Skilling hot to avenge his lost team member. Eddie and two cohorts are kidnapped by a North Vietnamese colonel who has a fantastic plan to invade the continental United States and blow up factories, He offers Eddie's gang 100 kilos of pure heroin to help him. With some Chinese rocket launchers, the invaders set up a command post in Harlem and start picking targets, including West Point and the George Washington Bridge. Nonsense, perhaps, but nonstop reading.

Pub Date: May 20th, 1976
Publisher: Saturday Review/Dutton