DAY OF INFAMY by Walter Lord


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Pearl Harbor -- December 7, 1941 -- is here recorded with the same telling effect as was the sinking of the Titanic in Night to Remember. Instead of having the benefit of years of concentrated and passionate dedication, such as Walter Lord devoted to the Titanic story, this has been done as a special assignment from Life with a team of operators and records helpfully extended for study. The result, while extraordinarily successful as a live news story, lacks the interpretation, the psychological penetration that was characteristic of the earlier book. Standing on its own, however, this impresses the reader as the way it must have seemed to those on the spot,- to the top brass, lulled to an unwarranted sense of security, prepared for just another peaceful Sunday off duty; to the executive officers, on duty and off, but equally unready and incredulous when the ""real McCoy"" broke upon them; to army, navy, air force personnel; to civilians on shore. Perhaps the most interesting and newest part of the record comes from the Japanese side, where the reader is given the planning rooms, the top ranking officers in charge of operation, the men participating in the actual attack. The overall is an impressive job- an all encompassing survey.

Publisher: Holt