THE GOOD YEARS by Walter Lord


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1900 to the First World War are generally considered by the generation that matured during those years as years of confidence. Walter Lord has viewed them- sometimes with jaundiced eye- as years that were punctuated by major events that lent a wholly different color:- the Boxer Rebellion; McKinley's assassination; Theodore Roosevelt's attack on the trusts; the Wright Brothers' faltering steps towards a flying machine; Henry Ford's appreciation of the need for a low priced car; the San Francisco earthquake and fire; the union issue joined; panic-bank failures and J.P. Morgan to the rescue; Peary's dash to the Pole and the claims of Dr. Cook; child labor an issue-and the rift in the sense of security with the coming of war. More than a decade of remembered time brought to new life for those who did not experience it as well as for those who did.

Pub Date: June 13th, 1960
ISBN: 0548440840
Publisher: Harper