PEARY TO THE POLE: A Breakthrough Book by Walter Lord
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PEARY TO THE POLE: A Breakthrough Book

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The author of A Night to Remember has convincingly conveyed Robert E. Peary's relentless ambition to ""stand on top of the world"", in this account of the explorer's northern expeditions. The reader senses himself coming under the spell of the icy silence, as the men move towards the ""Big Nail"" through 60 degrees below zero weather. The close relationships of the men; their strength and dedication; the physical hardships they battled, are sharply carved. The author has concentrated on Peary's seventh--and successful-- drive north, in this readable account. The vocabulary is not difficult, and slow readers in this age group will doubtless read straight through without trouble, intrigued by the wild, adventurous life of an unusual man.

Pub Date: May 22nd, 1963
Publisher: Harper & Row