NO HOMEWARD COURSE by Walter Mavighurst


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Good adventure, with a timeliness that gives it the flavor of contemporary importance, but which will soon be superseded by new headline stuff. A German raider in the Caribbean, committing acts of modern piracy, has looted six enemy ships, sunk them, and taken the passengers prisoner. All but one have virtually the run of the ship, and the courteous treatment of guests, on the part of the captain. That one is a British intelligence Officer, held incommunicado in hopes of securing his assistance in decyphering codes. His state wins the compassion (for a time she, thinks the love) of an American girl, whose father, a financier, is dying for lack of insulin. But the real romance is between the girl and the young scientist, with whom she fights a losing struggle against cholera in the hold. Adventure, romance, and an imaginary picture of life aboard an enemy raider on suicidal errand. Rentals.

Publisher: Doubleday, Doran