WHY EUROPE FIGHTS by Walter Millis
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This is so important a book from the junior as well as the adult angle that I am double-starring it for your special attention. For months the accusation has been made against young people that they are indifferent or definitely antagonistic to the idea and fact of the European war. Now, suddenly, they have been caught in the contagion of absorbed interest, and find themselves floundering. What's it all about? Here's the best book to give them a chance to get their muddled facts orientated. It is one of the finest pieces of condensation I ever remember seeing. In a mere 250 pages, Millis spreads out the map of Europe and vitalizes it over a period of twenty-one years. From Versailles to Poland he traces the mistakes, the compromises, the advances and retreats, the smoke screens that brought one move after another. The bits of the picture puzzle fit into place. The whole dramatic tragedy takes form and meaning and significance, that drives home the relentless pace of totalitarianism blotting out civilization. This should be required reading in every High School in the country.

Pub Date: June 12th, 1940
Publisher: Morrow