WHY EUROPE FIGHTS by Walter Millis
Kirkus Star


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I'd like to see this required reading for every adult and every teen aged boy and girl, for it is the finest piece of condensation I have ever read. In the span of approximately 250 pages, the author of the brilliant Road to War, spreads out the map of Europe and vitalizes it over a period of twenty one years. From Versailles to Poland he traces the mistakes, the backsliding, the compromises, the efforts at adjustment, the advances and the retreats, the self-seeking, the smoke screens that have brought about one move after another. Things one had forgotten are brought to light, and fitted into the puzzle. The whole dramatic tragedy takes form and meaning -- and a significance that drives home the relentless pace of totalitarianism blotting out civilization. No better piece of ""adult education"" towards understanding ""why Europe fights"" could be conceived.

Pub Date: June 12th, 1940
Publisher: Morrow