ROAD TO WAR by Walter Millis
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Exciting -- and terrifying -- reading, this dramatic survey of the years 1914-1917 which swept America into the greatest war of history. Exciting, in that Mr. Millis has conveyed the sense of suspense, of hysteria, of emotional tension of those years as though they passed rapidly before the readers' eyes in today's press; terrifying, in that one feels the incidents of 1914-1917 as an undercurrent of the events of the present crisis. Salty wisdom, brilliant analysis, keen perspective, such are the characteristics of this book, as they were characteristics of his earlier volume, The Martial Spirit, one of the modern classics. Stupidities, base self interest, deliberate misrepresentation, a network of brilliant diplomacy spread to catch the untutored leaders of American thought, -- such are the factors he presents as the steps by which we were drawn inevitably into the conflict. A book sure to arouse bitter controversy, and to give the thoughtful reader pause. Co-selection with National Velvet for Book-of-the-Month. Publishers rank it high on their Spring list and are backing it for the trade.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1935
Publisher: Houghton, Mifflin