THE ""GUV by Walter Myers


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The fourth assistant Postmaster General writes of the American tradition in the life story of a lawyer and political figure. ""The Guv"", from Pennsylvania country life, to school, from mid-west teaching to law, to the political opportunities in his practice, cases, and partner's aid in advancement. The fights that come when he is appointed to the Mayor's staff, the milestones in his career, the human interest incidents, and the public stands that make The Guv a respected figure in his profession are displayed in detail, that- in its repetition and succession of nicknames- are more than faintly remi of comic-strip, technique. There is a flash of the pathology of political corpses that has its biting effect, but the whole is no more than a rehash of an extract from some newspaper morgue- with little that is distinctive. Only the political understanding gives this any appeal.

Publisher: Frederick Fell