HENRY'S DOG HENRY by Walter R. Brooks


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Walter Brooks' Freddy books hit an area of the juvenile bone some adults can't or won't acknowledge. There is no denying that the Freddy books go like mad, however, and maybe this will too. It is an extended joke with a guessable conclusion, which may be part of its laugh power. Henry named his cocker spaniel pup Henry. Sooo, every time Henry's mother said, ""Henry do (this or that)"" the poor mutt almost broke his neck at chores the boy was avoiding. Finally, the dog turned. He started answering to some of his boy's privileges and even took 50¢ and went off to the movies. This sort of thing became a strain, too. The dog arranged to have his name changed to Rover. It is a very literal sort of humor -- a tall tale in short words. It first appeared in Story Parade Magazine in 1954.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1965
Publisher: Knopf