FREDDY THE COWBOY by Walter R. Brooks


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Freddy is still our favorite pig, and at the moment, our favorite cowboy. Although we had a few anxious qualms when we heard Freddy was to be on the range in this one, we are glad to know that he is garnished with chaps and six-shooters instead of parsley. After Freddy rescues Cy, a crotchety horse, from the simister Mr. Flint, he feels the calls of the plains, learns to ride and shoot, and it is Freddy who vanquishes Flint who is casting a greedy eye on the Animals' Bank. Also plenty of shenanigans from the enterprising Bean animals, including safety lessons for mice by Jinx the cat, arrest of a blackmailing squirrel and assaults from the Horrible Ten (ten rabbits with knives and a Freddy - inspired penchant for group singing).

ISBN: 1585672254
Publisher: Knopf