WHICH WAY AHEAD? by Walter Russell Bowle
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Designed for everyone who wants to make the ideal of brotherhood and neighborliness a practical reality in the new world we are going to build. The author sees the present upheaval as a moral revolution which will bring not only social and economic changes, but changes in the church as an institution. He believes that now is the time for the church to furnish the moral stamina which every nation needs; that churchmen must meet the challenge with courage and vision. The message in this book should stimulate every reader who hopes for a better world, for it will inspire each person to accept his individual moral responsibility in shaping the future. This is the selection of Presiding Bishop of the Eplacopal Church for Lent reading; should be a good item for those stores that stock a few religious books for the Lenten season.

Pub Date: Feb. 3rd, 1943
Publisher: Harper