WRITING NON-FICTION by Walter S. (Stanley Vestal) Campbell


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Text book for the student who wants a general background book on writing non-fiction, but too general for the writer who wishes to concentrate on one phase or another of the subject. In other words, a first book on the subject, which deals somewhat superficially with the main factors involved in selection of subject matter; research (this had many very pertinent statements too often glossed over, as for instance the advice about the use and abuse of notes); techniques of writing non-fiction; preparation of manuscript; selling; contrasts, etc. The material is based on courses given in professional writing at the University of Oklahoma. The advice is sound -- he shows that he considers writing non-fiction a business not a gamble (as fiction is). The methods of teaching have been proved in practice, and the selections of models for study, plus the instructions in the Work Programs connected with each chapter, make this a book that could be used by writers who wish to develop their abilities in this direction. Study groups -- as well as schools where such courses are given, will find this informative and practical.

Publisher: The Writer, Inc.