AREA CODE 215 by Walter Teller


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Lahaska, a waystle village in Bucks County, was known in Indian times as ""the place of the big writing"". This is Teller's ""home place"" and his writing is ""big"" in a series of seasonally inspired ""entries"" which run the course of a year. He writes of break-fast in the morning; a breakfast of ""real eggs...from birds that live normal lives, get outdoors, eat grass and scratch"". He writes of a visit to a sylvan shul: ""The three thousand-year old words, unamplified by electronic wonders, suited my ears....The words of the prayer and the work of the architect seemed wonderfully fitted to one another"". He writes of nature walks, trips to town, visits to historical museums, local history and the men who peopled it, less complete men and how they fragment at the mercy of the machine. These are most of them prodigiously wise reflections and living proof that even in Backs County life can be whole and creatures can retain their innocence.

Pub Date: Feb. 25th, 1962
Publisher: Atheneum