58 MINUTES by Walter Wager


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A team of international terrorists takes control of JFK International Airport, stranding thousands of passengers in midair. By the author of Blue Leader (1979) and Otto's Boy (1985). Fiendishly clever Willi Staub and his team of cosmopolitan terrorist stereotypes have based their plans on the arrival of a major winter storm, since bad weather will add maximum confusion as the terrorist scum knock out the ground-control radar and jam all the radio communication frequencies used to bring in the big jets at JFK. Their efforts are intended to effect the release of fellow terrorists from assorted federal and state correctional facilities, And it looks as if the plot will succeed. With the latest in stationary and mobile jamming equipment operating at peak efficiency, with visibility at zero, and with all of his troops following orders to the letter, Staub has stopped the air traffic cold. Huge 1011s and 747s, loaded with law-abiding stereotypes, circle the airport helplessly, their fuel supplies running ever lower. But Staub's planning has not reckoned on the coincidental presence of Captain Frank Malone, New York's top anti-terrorist cop. The Irish but Ivy-educated Malone--whose cute daughter is up there in the jumbo jet with the least fuel and whose one-time lover is the top lady in the control tower--takes Staub's attack personally and puts his own gutsy action plan into action. It's got to succeed in minutes if he's going to save all those innocent people. Towering infernal airport hotel. Mercifully condensed.

Pub Date: Nov. 30th, 1987
Publisher: Macmillan