THE BIG ONE and Seven Other Beasts by Walter Wilwerding

THE BIG ONE and Seven Other Beasts

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What sets Wilwerding's animal stories apart from the general run of juvenile nature writing is the urgency and simultaneity of action he gets on paper. His eight stories of the hunter and the hunted here convey the sense of everything happening at once in the Jungle. For instance, when his bush cats go courting they are in imminent danger from competitors of their own kind, must avoid larger animals and must be able to take advantage of smaller ones. His animals never walk alone; his Jungle teems and the encounters are never compartmentalized--while a Jungle skunk bluffs a lion away from his kill he must contend with hyenas, who must stay clear of the lion, who must... It's been tried and found true in count- less magazine stories by the author over the years and, as ever, his anatomically exact animal illustrations enhance his text.

Pub Date: April 7th, 1966
Publisher: Putnam