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It's late 1945, the Nuremberg trials are about to begin. . . and someone seems out to kill (or at least rob) a few veterans of Admiral Canaris' Abwehr intelligence division. The first such case to come to the attention of British soldier/journalist Major Otis Quinlan: the death of former Abwehr officer Arndt, who actually dies of a heart attack under Allied interrogation. . .but whose daughter is then found savagely murdered. What are the assassins looking for? Could it have to do with a fragment of a map which Arndt had given for safekeeping to his other, illegitimate daughter Hannah? So it seems--and soon Quinlan and love-interest Hannah are trying to track down the other three Abwehr officers who were given map-fragments by the late Canaris, trying to figure out what the map represents (it seems to be an island) and what message Canaris wanted to survive him. The villains, of course, are always either one step ahead or behind the Allies--and they seem to be a band of ruthless renegade soldiers (including members of the notorious, turncoat British Free Corps). But what is the evil conspiracy they're trying to protect? Is it merely a plan to rescue the war criminals from Nuremberg. . . or is it something more? And is there a spy for the other side on the Quinlan/Hannah team? Somewhat more arbitrarily tangled and considerably less character-convincing than Winward's best previous Nazi-era suspense fabrications (Hammerstrike, The Midas Touch)--but sturdy, occasionally violent diversion for the Third Reich-adventure audience.

Pub Date: March 10th, 1983
Publisher: Morrow