NEW ESSENTIAL FIRST AID by Ward A. & Peter J. Roylance Gardner


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This is imported from England where it has been soundly accredited by the profession -- the authors are a surgeon and an industrial medical officer -- and it is a successor to their New Advanced First Aid. The new here is presumably the essential, since the purpose of this manual (so many exist already) is to stress what has priority and to include certain primary principles even if a calculated risk may be involved. They have also excluded certain techniques usually indicated -- for shock and its treatment, as well as specifics such as tourniquets and cardiac massage. Throughout, obstructed breathing is a clear and present danger dealt with first, and the chapter on loss of consciousness may surprise you (patient on the side, head lower). There are 95 explicit diagrams to help you handle the major or minor situations -- burns, poisons, fractures, bandages, et al. -- and the overall intentions are that you minimize the effects of the injuries and get the patient alive to a doctor or hospital.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1971
Publisher: Little, Brown