FOOD OR FAMINE: The Challenge of Erosion by Ward Shepard

FOOD OR FAMINE: The Challenge of Erosion

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A survey of present depletion, and of possible remedial measures, which makes very real the threat of famine as one is made to realize the factors involved...that war and erosion have decreased our arable acreage, that our soil and its fertility have been gutted, and that our population is catching up with our potential food supply. Only conservation on a global scale can salvage sick lanes and sick rivers; forest management must be extended; public works are needed in land reconstruction; abandoned, depleted lands must be taken over and rebuilt by the government; there must be widespread river control through upstream engineering and watershed development; the antagonism between public and private, federal and state, must be resolved so that planning and control can take place on a national basis. A topic of universal concern -- but one which will probably only have a market restricted to the field.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1945
Publisher: Macmillan