END OF TRACK by Ward Weaver


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An active, amplified Western, by the author of Hang My Wreath (Wilfred Funk, p. 19, 1/15/41 bulletin), which is the story of Robert Burton, ex-Confederate and soldier of fortune, his successes in the line of lonehand fighting and his misses in the line of emotional entanglements. His fight against Smiley, who hangs his best friend, his work as a scout against the Cheyenne Indians, who wreck Union Pacific trains, his eventual conviction of Senator Valcour and Smiley, who instigated the Indian raids to wreck the railroad, constitute him combat story. His loves and losses include first Enid, who didn't wait for him, then Jessica, Valcour's daughter, who uses him, and finally, and successfully, Lucinda, forced into the oldest profession, whom he saves from further degradation. Husky, sometimes rakish, but a Western for all that.

Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock