ATLANTIC HIGHWAY by Warren Armstrong


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From the lay that Samuel Cunard's Royal William made an Atlantic crossing in 17 days, to the time the great liner United States crossed the same water in 3(apple) lies a great saga of over 100 years of sea transportation. This book tells the story well. The races and wrecks, the ever narrowing crossing times, the mighty ships like Great Eastern, the Lindbergh flight which set off the competitive race of Transatlantic planes all these make up the legendary company of transatlantic traffic. The attempts to prevent another Andrea Doria sinking, and the possibilities of hydrof ships to offset the competition of jet planes make interesting areas of speculation to end the story. Very well researched, detailed and documented without an overly academic approach, the book is a highly readable contribution to maritime and social history.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1962
Publisher: John Day