FIDDLE LONGSPAY by Warren Bledsoe


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Much ado about very little, but effervescent entertainment --which -- if never very funny, is usually pleasant. It concerns the Longspays, a Maryland first family of unimpeachable prestige, and Fiddle, its youngest scion, who doesn't ride, doesn't work, and is the unwitting source of much trouble when he is glimpsed in his trunks at his aunt's garden party. Seen with him, but unidentified, is his new love, the minister's sister. Tempest swells from the teacups in short order, his aunt, and other relatives, attempt to tag the girl -- and blackball her; the aunt, in pique, spikes Fddie's offer of a job; the new minister, a prude and a reformer, tries to break up Fiddle's courtship of his sister; but Fiddle, casual, cavalier, sees his romance to a successful finish just the same. Too slim for its size, but summer's ease.

Pub Date: June 16th, 1942
Publisher: Little Brown