THE BEST OF FACT by Warren-Ed. Borroson


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Ralph Ginzburg has contributed this introduction to the magazine he published as a sibling to Eros and as a voice of dissent, ""grounded in personal experience and scientific research."" More of the former than the latter, and sometimes personal reflects prejudicial while dissent is touched with disgruntlement. Sometimes also for their reappearance here Fact's facts have not been updated--none of this however lessens the interest of almost all of the forty articles which appear, showing up and putting down national issues, institutions, practices, abuses... There's Dr. Spock on the Cold War and a Dr. Foley on ""the unkindest cut of all,"" compulsory circumcision; homosexuality in prisons, brutality in hospitals or police precincts; Muzak in the walls and graffiti scribbled on them; Arnold Toyubee on Foreign Policy, a housewife securing an abortion; and a roundup of opinions obtained by editor Borroson (and others) on Time magazine, racial intermarriage, Who Killed Kennedy? etc. Fact has proved to be a facsimile of the muckraking magazines of an earlier era, it likes to startle, likes to take sacred cows by the horns, likes names--and gets them. All in all the collection has an adhesive readability with an automatic continuity.

Pub Date: Aug. 17th, 1967
Publisher: Trident