I LIVE AGAIN by Warwick Deeping


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Not a routine Deeping, but something a little harder to tag. It is a little pointless, and very lush. The story of John's four lives as he is reincarnated through several eras, and comes to recognize spiritual rather than sensual allures. As John the bastard, and John man of property, he loses all for a woman, a savage, seductive wanton. The third inning sees him as middle class John Marwood, who falls in love with an anarchist's daughter, and retrieves himself just in time from a more tempting sister. He is killed in World War I, after a few days' marriage, but comes back as the fourth John in the form of his own child. A crippled boy, who early falls in love with a painter's daughter, he is the most successful version of the lot, and gets to know the better things of life. Florid, and lacking the emotional, sentimental tug of earlier books.

Publisher: Knopf