MEN AND SHIPS OF STEEL:The Story of the Navy by Wayne Francis Palmer
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MEN AND SHIPS OF STEEL:The Story of the Navy

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Here's one of the best photographic books that has ever been done, and one that is particularly timely and of very general interest. 275 gorgeous pictures, pungent captions, and -- through the pictures -- the story of navy life, in every phase. From submarines to airplanes; from ""Heritage"" to the future, the story unfolds. Complexities of life on board, the daily routine, in peace time and in war time, the parts of the world visited. ""There's humor and pathos and essential humanity. Sure to be easy to sell, to a wide market. Wayne Francis Palmer is an ex-Navy man, and went through over 60,000 prints to make the selection.

Pub Date: May 8th, 1935
Publisher: Morrow