by Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary

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Reviewing a dictionary is really a technical job, which we wont attempt. A few key points relating to this entirely new Webster's Collegiate Dictionary will help the average customer to know wherein this edition (there have been five previous editions) is important to acquire. In format it is more legible, easier to use, the thumb tabulation is a definite asset, the weight of the thin paper edition is amazing in view of its 1200 pages, 125,000 entires, 2300 illustrations- many of them brand new. There are numerous special features:- approximately 5000 biographical names are included, there's a pronouncing gazeteer, a rhyming vocabulary, an excellent section on punctuation. The dictionary is based on Webster's New International Dictionary, a standard in many libraries, business houses, etc. The inevitable comparison will be made with The American College Dictionary (Random House) which has a clearer type face and in many instances checked for comparison, fuller definitions on such entries as proper names, historical events, etc. I think the inclusion of certain facts ordinarily associated with almanacs (lists of colleges, for instance) is a point in Webster's favor, as is its already established name and fame. Bindings and prices:- blue buckram-thumb indexed-$6.00; red fabrikoid, thumb indexed-$7.50; black leather, gold edges, thumb indexed-$10.00; limp pigskin- thumb indexed-$12.50 (available in dark blue or light brown- gold edges).... Reference books are a Must for general stock the year round, and special promotion for graduation gifts is important now.

Pub Date: April 29th, 1949
Publisher: G. & C. Merriam