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An Adventure in Group Therapy -- Dr. Beukenkamp's first- is demonstrated in book form also for the first time for a popular market and will interest a growing general audience which is unfamiliar with the way this type of analytical session is conducted and can simultaneously benefit a number of people. Dr. Beukenkamp chose eight of his patients- several from economically as well as emotionally deprived backgrounds- who had levelled off and to some extent reached an impasse in their individual analyses. On the premise that man is born as a member of a group- the group here represents society and triggers all kinds of responses- at first violent- so that the early months produced some strident sessions. Two patients isolated themselves by falling in love but increased the unity of the rest of the group; the death of one member intensified contact and communication; and by the close each was sufficiently able to relate to others and had learned the importance of emotional participation to go on and out into the world..... An interesting demonstration- and documentation- of this method in the words of the participants in which obscenities as well as hostilities are freely released. The more conservative reader may be offended.

Publisher: Rinehart