QATABAN AND SHEBA by Wendell Phillips


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Wendell Phillips' account of South Arabian archaeological treasure hunting is a fine introduction to the occupation, containing as it does the joys and dangers of the life. Heading an expedition for the American Foundation for the Study of Man, the author worked with Dr. Albright and other valued expedition members on sites of ancient cities in Beihan and Yemen. In Beihan the expedition enjoyed the friendship of Sherif Hussein and others and discovered lions of Timna and an alabaster lady who helped date the kings of Qataban. In Yemen the expedition faced imminent danger as it worked at Marib searching for clues to Sheba's history. The story of the growing tension, the hatred of certain men for the intruders, which led to a climax in which violence was avoided only by a last-moment surprise retreat to Beihan, has plenty of drama and clash. The integrity of accounting includes a good deal of archaeological insight, the aims and methods and finds of the scientist, the relations with the people of the country and the customs of these people... A realistic and dedicated approach, this will rouse kindred spirits.

Pub Date: Feb. 24th, 1955
Publisher: Harcourt, Brace