BUTCHER, BAKER, CABINETMAKER: Photographs of Women at Work by Wendy Saul

BUTCHER, BAKER, CABINETMAKER: Photographs of Women at Work

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A flat-out consciousness-raiser for the classroom, with photos of women doing various kinds of work and some casual talk about the whys and wherefores (most women work ""because they need the money they earn""; training may be informal, from friends and family, or entail ""many, many"" years of schooling). An occasional, other-directed question--""What must these women [a taxi driver, a butcher] know to do their jobs well?""--leads up to ""your"" concerns: ""Have you thought about the work you want to do when you are older?"" (Seen: a little girl playing with a woman doctor's stethoscope.) In a concluding spread, the butcher, carpenter, zoo keeper, clown, etc., are identified, but the fact that they're real people--and look it--does not make this any the less a high-class promotion piece, spaciously laid out and with more than usually interesting photos.

Pub Date: Oct. 4th, 1978
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell