HAS WINTER COME? by Wendy Watson


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How the woodchuck family gets ready for winter is pictured in framed, dimly lit stills--where, what with the darkness and the snow, the parents and three little ones remain indistinct figures. The procedure is described in a facing, semi-poetic text in which snowflakes dust their faces, apple cores sizzle on the hearth, Mother scoops down a star for each child to keep ""so we can remember the night,"" and at last, with everyone tucked in for the long night, ""the dark spun slowly around them."" Watson's coziness borders on the precious, and though she puts in many smells, sounds, and signs of the coming season, they remain only winter buzz words in a general undifferentiated hum. And doesn't it seem unnecessary, with the snow already failing, for Mother to announce at the start that she can smell winter in the air?

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1978
Publisher: Collins World