SPACE FRONTIER by Wernher von Braun


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Von Braun, who directs the National Aeronautics and Space Adminstration's Space Flight Center, has collected and updated a series of his articles, recently printed in PopuLar Science. They are grouped by progressive stages of space flight: launch and ascent, flight through space, space stations, moon flight, satellite programs, interplanetary and interstellar flight possibilities. Dr. von Braun knows how to simplify technical problems and explain their relevance. For example, he makes remote control vs. inertial guidance of rockets into an interesting and intelligible choice. The talking-down flavor is inoffensive; what begins to grate is his automatic optimism. He describes means and purposes of investigating the lunar surface, but not the possibility of adverse effects, and sums up with a platitude about the ""rich rewards to come"" from ""blazing a trail to the moon."" His comments on political and military dimensions of space research are also rather smug and biased. However, there will be a wide, immediate demand for the subject and this author.

Pub Date: Aug. 21st, 1967
Publisher: Holt, Rinehart & Winston