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The how's and where's of Williams' 1940-1941 broadcasts, whose prophecies were based on information from secret sources from within Germany. How van Narvig organized the machine for gaining and supplying information -- five main agents whose letters are reproduced -- and how true the material turned out to be in light of future events. From the first invasion of Poland to the attack on the Philippines, the news came through to Williams for use on the radio, or for filing with authorities here, and most of it is publicly presented in detail for the first time. The treachery behind the facts of the Munich beer hall bombing plot, Rommel's preparations for desert warfare, Gestapo plans for the organization of the Western Hemisphere, particularly South America -- all outlined many months previous to action. In spite of its sensational appeal, the lack of good organization and handling makes this confusing reading. An eye-opener and, in spite of confusion, lively.

Pub Date: June 14th, 1943
Publisher: Alliance