THIS IS MY BEST by Whit -- Ed. Burnett


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93 authors have chosen their own favorites for this collection of 150 modern classics. The authors were chosen by the public in a poll taken through magazines, libraries, and so on; on the first fifty, virtually all voting were in agreement. It is interesting to note the divergence from routine anthology selections, as for example when Wills Cather passed over her Paul's Case and chose Neighbour Rosicky; and the reverse, as in enst's selection of The Devil and Daniel Webster. Some authors (Steinbeck, for instance) left the choice to his publisher; others have chosen extracts from longer works rather than unit pieces; there are bits of autobiography -- and bits of biography; there is poetry and drama and sketches and newspaper pieces. The market should be not only people who like to have --under one binding, a wide choice for mood and interest, but study courses on American writing. A nice piece of bookmaking.

Page count: 1169pp
Publisher: Dial