PRIZE COLLEGE STORIES by Whit & Hallie- Eds. Burnett


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This collection of short stories by college students competing in the Story magazine contest (now sponsored by the Readers' Digest Foundation) reflects, as could be expected, the savage personal conflicts of the young, with a slight difference. With the exception of the wistful humor from the Howard University etry, there is no overt social concern. Instead there is a great deal of exploration of the visceral -- a promiscuous girl tries to come to grips with herself as her father lies near death; an American beat in Algeria suffers a violent abortion; a nude young wife in an island paradise is rescued from a shark by a virile native; two boys murder for kicks; a dead-eyed, hateful couple parry beneath a Christmas tree. There is a scattering of portraits -oddly enough of the elderly -- and some eerie and arresting situations. Turning their backs on the jumping duodenal tremors, and bowing to needs of the tortured elders, the judges (Kay Boyle, Harry Hansen, Ralph Henderson and three Story editors) chose for first prize the maverick of the lot -- a taut ""healthy"" action story of a rodeo turn. Nothing new in content but occasionally fresh in style, this collection is invaluable for those- who wish to know what is shaking the ivy these days. But not for Mom and Dad.

Pub Date: April 26th, 1963
Publisher: Random House