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MEMORY'S LENS by Whitaker Wordsworth



by Whitaker Wordsworth

Pub Date: Dec. 21st, 2022
ISBN: 9798986771007
Publisher: Self

Wordsworth offers a debut supernatural novel of abduction and lies that features a mysterious Japanese artifact at the center of its story.

Hanna is an 18-year-old enjoying her life at Surgite University in New Jersey. She has friends she can count on and a wealthy boyfriend she’s had since high school. But all is not well; there’s a series of odd abductions plaguing the state, and they’re the talk of Hanna’s social group. The victims are mostly young women who eventually reappear after a short absence; none can identify their kidnapper, and they all show signs of weariness and exhaustion but no indications of sexual assault. In a parallel plotline, Hanna has noticed that she doesn’t seem to be remembering details of her recent outings with her boyfriend, Theo; she isn’t forgetful about other aspects of her life, but this selective amnesia worries her, as she doesn’t want to forget Theo, whom she adores. However, it turns out that he’s responsible for her selective amnesia; he somehow makes her unable to recall memories of their encounters, lies to her about their time together, and schemes to make her believe she’s done things she hasn’t. He's also constantly talking about the concept of falsehood and pressing her to tell her whether she’s lying to him. Later, it’s revealed how the kidnapper carries out his abductions in detail; the process involves a magical knife with mysterious Japanese characters engraved on the blade. Many readers will find this thriller gripping from beginning to end; the slow revelations will keep them connected to the story, and the author’s facility at creating suspense will make them invested in what happens next. One drawback, though, is the fact that the way that the magical knife works is somewhat confusing and not clearly explained: “Violet light leaped out, encircling his victim with snaking black lines. In merely a second, she was gone.” However, the characters, whether they’re heroes or villains, are consistently engaging and effectively demand readers’ attention.

An often exciting beginning to a new paranormal series.