ROMAN COMEDY by Whitfield Cook


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An Impolite Extravaganza"" which is also a coarse to broad burlesque of two American industries, the movies and maternity, shakes some obvious laughs out of some obvious personalities and situations. Triple-featured here are Cubitt Cheever, a comedy cowboy film star but a flaccid character in private life; Opal, his mother and constant companion, ""a kind of huge tumor growing on Cubbitt's life, leaving no room for a wife""; and Anna Stagnaro, an Italian film director, overpowering, vibrant and virile. Ignoring Opal's hysteria, Cubitt goes off alone with Anna Stagnaro whom he admires, finds himself unequal to the seduction she attempts, returns to his matriarchy for a showdown of outraged hostility... You may quarrel with the humor and question the taste.

Pub Date: July 20th, 1951
Publisher: Coward-McCann