INVASION by Whitman Chambers


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Novel, partly, in a might-happen-here version of a Japanese invasion of the West Coast. Fight talk, largely, as Chambers uses this to show up all the dissenting forces in America, the still prevalent discord between labor and capital, the still prominent isolationists and appeasers. And he shows how all this makes Japan's attack feasible, with complete confusion among an already divided and conquered people. A few, hiding together in a Los Angeles sewer, do the talking and provide the action; Happy McGonigle, hobo commando; Johnny, unsatisfactorily married, who falls in love with Gail; Clyde, whom Gail leaves for Johnny. The group makes for the hills outside the city just as America gets her chance with the arrival of parachutists to the rescue. Propaganda, terse, tough, rather than a novel per se.

Pub Date: May 3rd, 1943
Publisher: Dutton