MOTHER GODDAM by Whitney Stine


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Before you reach the filmography at the close, you will have read an amplified version thereof in a film-by-role rerun of all 84 pictures, dogs and all, made by Bette Davis from the time she arrived on the lot as an ingenue ""with as much sex appeal as Slim Summerville."" There's scarcely a personal item (except the announcements of her marriages) or the occasional lines she contributes which you won't miss SINCE THEY WILL APPEAR IN ANOTHER COLOR PRINT. But for the most part from Jezebel, her first prestige role, to Dangerous, her first Academy Award, to Dark Victory, the great weeper, this is just a chronology of scenarios, sequences, roles, casts, make-up, wardrobe with an occasional unforgettable line like ""What a dump."" If you're wondering whatever happened to Bette Davis and not just Baby Jane, well maybe the some 125 pictures will bring her back alive -- the lifted eyebrow over the hooded eyelid of the slightly thyroid orb, the peremptory voice, the truly magnificent slouch.

Pub Date: June 3rd, 1974
Publisher: Hawthorn